Company Profile

DADB – German Academy for Digital Education founded in 2017 is a provider of exclusive blended learning courses. The academy is offering exclusive access to German expertise which is the base for the success of „Made in Germany“ combining theory from academia and practice from industries in an unique, innovative way of knowledge transfer. The DADB blended learning courses which ensure a high level of learning are focusing on topics where Germany has a strong position like Industrie 4.0, Smart Cities, Automation/Robotics, Artificial Intelligence, Engineering Sciences, E-Mobility, Renewable Energies, Healthcare, Construction, etc. produced in a state of the art augmented and virtual reality (AR/VR) broadcast studio. DADB sets new standards not only technically but also in terms of content, based on a network of high-profile teaching and research institutions, renowned professors from acknowledged German universities, universities of applied sciences and non-university research institutions. Additionally experts from industry convey their knowledge in the form of innovative teaching concepts. DADB is following a B2B-Business Modell. Target groups are Universities / Colleges (state or private) especially in the upcoming markets like India and China, who want to offer their students technological insights and know-how from countries like Germany based on brands like “Made in Germany”. DADB is also addressing to companies to support them in the field of vocational training and education. The Academy is aiming to bridge the gap between academia and practical needs.


DADB | German Academy for Digital Education GmbH Bismarckstr. 10-12 | 10625 Berlin | GERMANY Dr.-Ing. Carsten S. Schröder (CEO & Managing Partner) | M +49.172.84 555 99