Developed to the highest educational standards, maximising learning efficiency by using the latest technologies including streamable Blended Learning Courses via our secure DADB Streaming Portal and our 3 DADB supporting Apps for an excellent learning experience. The interactive AR/VR App, our Student Quiz App and the Teacher App are used for analysing the learning progress of your students.


A simple but understandebale Course Unit Menu


The powerful DADB Player – Every Course comes in HD with uninterupted streaming


Blended Learning Courses ready to project on the Wall

The DADB Blended Learning Streaming Portal

Simple and intuitive streaming portal focusing

on your teachers and students

Easy Usability

  • Easy online access via all popular browsers
  • Uncomplicated navigation & perfect chapter control for a structured teaching
  • Helpful Portal functions like Course Subtitles & downloadable documents
  • FAQ Tutorial Channel for a helping your teachers


  • Our streaming player gives your university a new level of video experience
  • It boasts faster loading time, higher resolution, and lower CPU usage during playback
  • Featuring flash fallback
  • The DADB Streaming Portal is compatible with any desktop or mobile device
  • Our automated transcoding service allows high-quality streaming
  • Streaming available in multiple resolutions allowing non stop streaming for any internet connection speed

Technical Support

  • Professional Direct-Support
  • Error analysis and immediate rectification
  • FAQ Tutorial Channel for a better understanding
  • Tests, updating & development

High Security

  • ISO 27001 certified data centers (high security standard from the Federal Office for Security and Information Technology)
  • Storage on German & European Microsoft Azure servers (highest security level within data security sector)
  • Extensive security options such as SSL encryption, Geo-blocking and token authentication

Our DADB Teacher App helps you understand your students


The Teacher App gives always a perfect overview of the students Learning Level


You get pop-up messages when a topic was not understood


Downloadable Documents next to the Videoplayer

The DADB Teacher App

Using the app, the teacher can see the students’ progress and understanding

of every unit and every question. We have designed a clear interface enabling

the teacher to act quickly when students do not understand important topics.

Learning Success Statistics

The teacher app is connected to the student app.

As a teacher you can always see the students’ Learning Success Statistics of every unit and every question.

Always a perfect overview

The teacher can check the overview of understanding by the students. We have designed a clear interface to enable the teacher to act quickly when students do not understand important topics.

Pop Up Messages

If few students are understanding a question or topic, the teacher will be informed by a message.

Students Questions

Students have the opportunity to save their own questions about the subjects. The teacher can view the questions via the teacher app.

Our DADB Quiz App helps the students to check their level

The DADB Quiz App

During the course the students use the quiz app to answer

questions to test their level of knowledge.

The Quiz App is connected to the Teacher App and

allows the teacher to have a real-time overview

of the students’ understanding of a topic.


Industry relevant Tests


Diffrent Question Types / Example Drag & Drop


Check our Answers if they are right

Flash Quiz & End Quiz

During the lecture the teacher will ask appropriate questions about the contents of the unit being examined. At the end of each unit there is a test.

Course Relevant Questions

The questions have been custom crafted by our professors and are perfectly attuned to the subject.

Learning Success Statistic

Your students always have the opportunity to check their knowledge of each unit.

Connected to the Teacher App

The quiz app and teacher app are intuitively connected giving the teacher the perfect overview of the knowledge level of the students.

Our DADB AR App creates an interactive learning experience for your students


A simple but understandebale Course Unit Menu


The powerful DADB Player – Every Course comes in HD with uninterupted streaming


Downloadable Documents next to the Videoplayer


Augmented and virtual reality for deeper understanding

and an interactive way to learn.

Interactive Course Tasks

In order to increase the students’ knowledge comprehension it is important to engage students in the subject in an interactive way.

Augmented Reality

AR introduces new ways to deliver knowledge and content. The capabilities of augmented reality technology enables classes to be more engaging and the information more understandable

Explaining Animations

Explaining animation will help your students understand complex processes directly on 3D models in a playful way.

User Experience

The DADB AR-App completes our product and creates a positive user experience for the students.