DADB University experience program

DADB offers a unique university experience in Germany to those Indian partners who have signed up with DADB courses. Meet Industry Experts, discuss with German Professors, take a campus tour and experience DADB course production in the DADB VR/AR Studio.

German Universities

In cooperation with German Universities, DADB invites you, your faculty staff, professors and students to visit DADB in Berlin, Germany for 5-7 days.

Your faculty staff and professors will experience different areas of a possible cooperation with German universities such as lectures, workshops, seminars, laboratories, research projects, offering courses, exchange of learning materials, etc.

The goal is to discover if and where joint education and research projects make sense and will be possible.

DADB industry partners

There will be field trips to DADB industry partners, companies partnering for DADB courses. You will be participating in exclusive Round Tables with industry experts, university professors and politicians (e.g. from the Foreign Ministry if available).

VR/AR studio

Get an insight into the DADB course production by visiting DADB’s state of the art VR/AR studio. Learn more about DADB blended learning courses and broadcasting. Be in the front row of DADB’s virtual classroom!

Europe’s leading Startup Ecosystem

Additionally, there will be room for culture experience and sightseeing as well as to explore Berlin as the city for being one of Europe’s leading Startup Ecosystem.

Exchange students

The DADB University  Experience Program will be underlined by the exchange of undergraduate and graduate students in the future.

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