About DADB


Our vision is to sustainably raise the economic, social and environmental standards in emerging and developing countries. This can be achieved by providing high-quality education and, as a result, a better educated generation of graduates.

The German Academy of Digital Education sees itself as part of the digital education revolution that is currently taking place. We offer students worldwide access to sustainable and future orientated education, regardless of educational background, economic situation, gender or origin.

Through our close cooperation with companies in emerging future markets, as well as our academic ties in emerging and developing countries, we are aware of the great potential and hunger for knowledge of the local upcoming generation.

We believe in the strength of “German Engineering” and would like to enable others to participate in this. We are convinced that social responsibility does not exclude economic efficiency. Our partners also benefit from this, whether they have a background in science or economics or are DADB investors.


Our team has many years of experience in research, teaching, business, industry and media development. We put our acquired skills as well as our extensive network to use to impart “German Engineering” to emerging countries. In this way the chances of attractive local employment improve and at the same time strengthen Germany as an industrial location in the long term.